Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Flooring That Makes a Home More Valuable

If you run a contracting business, you may want to stock your warehouse with valuable flooring materials. According to experts, there are five flooring options that make homes more appealing to buyers.


In modern homes, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles stand out when they’re placed in a kitchen. To achieve a finished look, you should invest in square tiles that are 12 inches wide. If your clients prefer contemporary designs, invest in 24-inch tiles and colored caulk instead.


Every contractor should use wood flooring material because it makes a space more dramatic. When buyers shop for properties in upscale neighborhoods, they usually choose homes that have pine, maple, or oak flooring. These wood species are popular since they can boost the resale value of a home dramatically.


Laminate flooring is a nice alternative option for homeowners who are looking for flooring that’s not made of wood. Over the last few years, the style of laminate flooring has changed, so most manufacturers are now designing laminate material that resembles high-end wood flooring.


Limestone, slate, granite, marble, and soapstone hold heat extremely well. Each material also adds dimension to dull spaces. If you serve clients that prefer long-lasting flooring materials, you should invest in stone flooring supplies.

Cork Flooring

In the 1950s, cork material was used as flooring in various kitchen design schemes. Cork is still a good flooring option because it’s resilient, durable, and comfortable.

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