Saturday, October 31, 2015

Quality Building Materials-Your Home's Shield Against Winter's Grip

The windows also need adequate fixes before the onset of winter. For instance, the window system may be degraded due to age, which compromises the internal room temperatures, especially given the state of the frame's caulking. A last-resort option may involve replacing all affected windows with more modern units. You can never scrimp on protecting your house from all manner of external threats. When you source the materials you need to upgrade the protection of your home from construction supply stores like Contractor Express, everything will gradually fall into place.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Using Kayu Batu Decking Materials in Building a Beautiful New Deck

With the dimensions already laid down in the plan, time for you and your contractor to shop for the materials. Wood remains a popular decking choice. High density woods, in particular, are the choice of many homeowners and contractors because of their natural beauty, durability, and low maintenance, and the Batu™ Hardwood line by Kayu International fits the bill for quality decking. You can get this top-quality product from reputable building material suppliers in Long Island like Contractor Express. Imported and processed from the forests of Indonesia, Batu™ deck planks come in shades of dark red or brown. The real value comes in the form of exceptional resistance to decay and insect infestation, and high tolerance of extreme temperatures, making them suitable for tropical and upper latitude environments. The latter is especially helpful in Long Island homes, considering the cold winters and the harsh winds from Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Few Handy Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets from Local Contractors

Some types of wood go perfectly with specific finishes. For instance, cabinets with rich, dark finishing look much better if they're made from cherry wood. Looking to go exotic? You have alternatives like mahogany, anaglade, sapele, and even bamboo to consider. Various kitchen contractors, with help from building supply providers like Contractor Express, offer a wide range of materials and finishes so homeowners wouldn't easily run out of options. When choosing a finish, try to strongly consider how the hue goes with your kitchen's existing aesthetics, and how long will its luster last until the cabinets themselves start to seem dated. Be Aware of Trends Trends come and go, but it wouldn't hurt that much to follow them either. Recently, lighter shades such as white have been popular for cabinetry, with increasing focus on gray colors.

Building Supply Dealers: Making Homes Stylish with Classic Columns

When one thinks of classic, timeless architecture, it's easy to conjure images of ancient Greek buildings, such as the Parthenon in Athens, with all its columns supporting the roof. It's also due to this image that a lot of people looking to add a touch of class to their homes turn to building supply dealers who offer a range of classic column styles. Architectural columns have existed since ancient times, harboring a long and somewhat complicated history. A few of these columns trace their origins to the European Classical Orders of Architecture, while some are born of inspiration derived from Moorish or even Asian motifs.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Corner Cabinet Designs to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchen corner cabinets are an elegant way to maximize space and fulfill the design dreams of homeowners in Long Island. The kitchen has now become the heart of the home. This multifunctional room is more than a place to cook and eat. This is where family and friends gather together to share special moments and spend quality time together.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Timeless Choices for Your Remodeled Kitchen

If you're considering having your kitchen remodeled, chances are likely there's an aspect of its current design that simply doesn't work for you. Like practically every field of design, the look of kitchens are subject to fads and short-lived stylistic choices. There are a few timeless design choices you can rely on when determining the route you want to take.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Build Your Business with a Reputable Supplier

When you provide contracting services in Long Island, NY, it is important to have a reliable source for your building materials and supplies. The success of your business is going to rely not only on the ability to get the products you need, but also being able to get them on time and in the necessary quantities.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Choosing the Right Type of Wood for Your New Home

When searching for the appropriate lumber for your client’s home renovation, the wealth of options can be initially confusing. Each option comes with its advantages and disadvantages, but understanding the choices available to you can help you find the type of wood that perfectly suits your client’s property.