Monday, October 5, 2015

Choosing the Right Type of Wood for Your New Home

When searching for the appropriate lumber for your client’s home renovation, the wealth of options can be initially confusing. Each option comes with its advantages and disadvantages, but understanding the choices available to you can help you find the type of wood that perfectly suits your client’s property.

Maple is one of the most sought-after styles of wood for use in flooring and construction. It provides a light tone with a red tinge and provides a durability that makes it an ideal choice for flooring and furniture that sustains heavy use. It's also one of the most affordable styles of wood on the market. Oak is a similar proven choice for flooring and provides a distinctive look with its wavy, idiosyncratic grain and darker shade.

Cherry is a popular choice due to its rich, dark color and its smooth polish. It's a popular choice for Shaker style cabinets, but it tends to be one of the more expensive varieties of wood. Walnut also tends towards the more expensive end of the spectrum but is well regarded for its durability and the beauty of its dark finish. Most boards of oak show a distinct shift from darkness to light on their surface and can add a distinguished ambiance to your home.

You can help with the process of choosing the right lumber for your client’s home, but coming in with a knowledge of what's available to them can help you start with an educated base from which you could base your recommendation.

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