Thursday, September 17, 2015

Insulating Building Materials in Long Island? Think Tyvek® HomeWraps®

Quite often, homeowners are faced with a worrying quandary—how can they prevent water from seeping into the house, but also allow for an escape of any moisture that may have found its way in? This is true particularly in areas that are prone to a barrage of weather-related hazards. In the past, tar paper or felt was a popular option, but because they were prone to tearing due to their heavy weight, they became relegated over the years, necessitating a better alternative. Due to this dire need, house wraps and roofing underlays were introduced, and while there are many varieties available today, Tyvek® HomeWrap® from DuPont, is still the leading house wrap of choice among contractors and suppliers of durable, reliable, and quality building materials in Long Island and elsewhere.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Remodeling 101: Upgrade Your Kitchen Design with WOLF Classic Cabinets

Whether your kitchen is the ever busy hub of your home, the occasional stage for pleasant entertainment, or simply a room for preparing family meals, your choice of cabinets will always affect its overall ambiance and functionality. Today, you can hardly call a room without adequate cabinetry, a kitchen. Without cabinets, the kitchen may just look cluttered, because where else will the utensils, food, and appliances be kept? As a contractor or supplier, you owe it to your clients to provide materials that are durable, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing. Whether they’re simply considering a kitchen remodeling or building a new house in Long island, your clients cannot go wrong by opting for Classic Cabinets from American manufacturer, WOLF. These cabinets add a distinctive style and a wide functionality to accommodate all the basic needs of a homeowner.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Is There One Best Wood Type for Kitchen Cabinets from Contractors?

For homeowners undertaking kitchen remodeling projects, one of the more significant expenses generally involves the cabinets. This is perhaps due to the cabinets taking up a huge amount of wall space, as well as the specific type of wood used in their construction. Then again, possibly the biggest contributor to the cabinets’ price tags is the type of wood they feature, along with the style, color, and layout. In the end, these factors also influence the overall look and feel of the kitchen itself. Through the help of companies such as Contractor Express, local contractors from Long Island, NY can offer a wide variety of kitchen cabinets made from different wood types. With the prevalence of choices, however, it’s not strange for anyone to ask if there’s a single type of wood that perfectly fits the job description for a kitchen cabinet.

Friday, September 11, 2015

A Look at the Types of Subfloors Offered By Building Supply Dealers

Engineered floors are more than the finish material people see on the surface. The subfloor material also has a significant role in a flooring system since not all types of joists and subfloors work for all types of flooring. For instance, ceramic tile floors require sturdy substructure because subfloors in a newly constructed home are susceptible to setting, which can damage tile flooring over time. The process of choosing appropriate subflooring material is much more important if you consider engineered hardwood floors. While hardwood flooring can technically be installed on surfaces such as concrete, homeowners need to be wary because concrete is porous (possesses tiny holes), which allows potentially damaging elements like water to pass through. This is an excellent example of why appropriate subfloor material is required to ensure that flooring systems last as long as they should.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Building Materials for Long Island Homes: The Quality of Integrity Windows

Having the right windows in your home will greatly and positively influence the look and ambience of any room. They can make your home quieter, less drafty and definitely more attractive. If your current windows don’t have these qualities, you may want to consider changing them. If you do decide to, Integrity windows from Marvin would be an excellent choice. Benefits of Integrity Windows Integrity windows combine everything you could possibly want in a window: low maintenance, energy efficiency, practical indestructability, and the elegance it adds to the d├ęcor of your home – all at a good price. They are made from extremely tough, patented Ultrex® fiberglass that can endure all elements without showing signs of aging, and can comfortably outlast vinyl, aluminum and other fiberglass compounds.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kitchen Design in Long Island: Guide to Kitchen Cabinetry This 2015

The kitchen is probably one of the most used and expensive areas in a home. Most homeowners in Long Island ponder long over their current kitchen design to look for anything they need to remodel, whether it be the countertops or the cabinets. According to an online article from Houzz, the average cost of an entire kitchen remodel is $50,000, and most of which is due to the cabinetry. This can vary based on several factors such as the expanse of the project, the materials used and the location of your home. Without careful planning, improving your cabinets’ aesthetics will result in a costly and troublesome disaster.