Friday, September 11, 2015

A Look at the Types of Subfloors Offered By Building Supply Dealers

Engineered floors are more than the finish material people see on the surface. The subfloor material also has a significant role in a flooring system since not all types of joists and subfloors work for all types of flooring. For instance, ceramic tile floors require sturdy substructure because subfloors in a newly constructed home are susceptible to setting, which can damage tile flooring over time. The process of choosing appropriate subflooring material is much more important if you consider engineered hardwood floors. While hardwood flooring can technically be installed on surfaces such as concrete, homeowners need to be wary because concrete is porous (possesses tiny holes), which allows potentially damaging elements like water to pass through. This is an excellent example of why appropriate subfloor material is required to ensure that flooring systems last as long as they should.

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