Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Best Wood Materials for a Deck

To run an efficient contracting business, you’ll need to invest in safe and attractive deck supplies. Your company will need to stock durable woods for the railings, steps, and floors. The supports and frame will require a long-lasting material, such as a pressure-treated wood.

Western Red Cedar

If your contractors build decks in communities that get a lot of rain, Western Red Cedar is worth considering because it handles heavy rain quite well. The wood can also withstand extremely hot and cold weather.


Redwood turns gray when it ages; however, it doesn’t rot easily. If you invest in this material, your contractors should add a sealer because it makes the wood more attractive.


Mahogany is a durable and strong wood, so it’s a great option for clients who have pest problems. When the surfaces are treated, the wood has the same characteristics as teak. However, once the wood reaches a certain age, the surfaces will fade to a silvery tone.

Mock Lumber

Many professional contractors use mock lumber during deck building projects because the material doesn’t corrode. Since the lumber is synthetic, bug infestations won’t occur on or within the boards.

Why Wood Decks are Trendy

Pine, cedar, and other wood species are very affordable. Cedar is a great choice for family homes because it’s beautiful and produces a pleasant smell. The big benefit, however, is that most wood materials require minimum maintenance.

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