Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Best Eco-Friendly Building Materials for a Porch

A typical construction company needs green building materials because homeowners are now more aware of climate change. If you’re a contractor, there are three environmentally friendly materials that you may want to consider buying for your eco-friendly clients.


Bamboo is very eco-friendly because it grows back quickly after it’s harvested. Since bamboo is extremely strong, you can use it to build walls and flooring. The material is also moisture-resistant, so it’s an ideal choice for rainy climates.


When lumber manufacturers produce cork material, they remove portions of wood from a living tree’s exterior. Cork is harvested every 10 years, so the environment isn’t affected during the manufacturing process. Environmentalist highly recommend the use of cork building materials because the trees don’t stop growing after the cork is removed.

You can use cork to make unique floors or walls that have appealing highlights. Since cork is highly durable, it isn’t vulnerable to pests and mold.


Linoleum is a strong material that’s made out of petroleum-based components. It also consists of sustainable materials, such as limestone, sawdust, powdered cork, and pigments. Linoleum waste won’t harm the environment because it’s biodegradable.

Recycled Products

Recycled building material is usually constructed out of plastic, fiberglass, glass, or timber. Many contractors use composite planks to make flooring. Since fiberglass is much stronger, it’s typically used as a foundation for a roof. If you stock your warehouses with recycled material, less waste will travel to landfills.

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