Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Supplies Needed for Converting Carriage Houses

Constructing or remodeling carriage houses as either a residence or another type of building is very commonplace in Long Island. A good building supply company will give you access to the materials you need for projects of this scope.

Materials for Full Restorations

Many homeowners who decide to convert a carriage house for rental or guest use find that these old buildings need some work. However, you will be well on the way to pleasing your client with new insulation, plaster, and paint.

A mixture of old and new works well.

In addition to buying new materials, you may want to work closely with the homeowner to recycle usable building materials currently unused on the property. Your client will be pleased with the money that would be saved, and the items that are put to use.

An open floor plan may work best.

One of the best things about the construction of carriage houses is that they are ideal for open floor plans. From combination living/kitchen/dining areas to lofts, you will find several ways to create a space that’s functional and attractive at the same time.

Creating room divisions is relatively easy.

Buying materials to divide the areas of the living space in a carriage house is a simpler process than many realize. You may find it easier to use glass dividing walls or other alternatives to solid walls.

It is easy to go sustainable.

Because you will likely need to buy plumbing and kitchen fixtures to install, you can choose water-saving options. This feature is an important one that people look for when living in a smaller space.

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