Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kitchen Cabinets in Long Island: Unique Designs

The storage purposes of cabients and drawers in your kitchen should also reflect the functionality of the overall design. Kitchen cabinetry today has become accessible to most homeowners, enabling them to be creative in renovations with quality work. 

Before you begin the project, it’s best if you familiarize yourself with common unique materials used for either a cabinet door or a drawer. 

Track Doors

Track doors function by placing the entryway on a ball-bearing track, eliminating the need for hinges. To access the inside of this cabinet, you have to slide one door in front of the other. The only problem with this doorway is that you can’t open both sides at once. 

Tambour Doors

Tambour doors in kitchen cabinets appear like mini-garage doors, with the same mechanism of the entryway going up to access inside content. The fabric material in wooden tambours enable the wood to easily fold over, similar to its plastic counterpart. This is suitable storage for small appliances, like coffee makers and toasters. 

Sliding Doors

Unlike the other two, sliding doors use hinges but they are modified in such a way that that two doors will slide to either side to open the cabinet. The hinges are placed in the middle, the top and the bottom to provide the beauty of concealment when keeping kitchen equipment.

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