Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why Pick Engineered Lumber?

Some construction firms rely on a Long Island building supply provider to get their projects moving. In terms of construction materials, they are on the fence as to whether to choose engineered or traditional lumber as the prime material, with a few experts putting their bets on engineered lumber.
In many cases, engineered lumber can be ordered in specific dimensions. This gives many builders access to the exact size of lumber they need for a project. Additionally, engineered lumber is much lighter and can be spaced apart better than traditional lumber. All of these characteristics significantly improve the efficiency at which your team can work.
One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional lumber is that this wood is sourced from forests around the world. Even worse, only 70 percent of a tree is used in creating traditional lumber. Since engineered lumber is made from a combination of wood veneers and particles, the amount of wood necessary to manufacture engineered lumber is calculated, and there is no need to go above that number. Similarly, the particles can easily be sourced from the remaining 30 percent of a tree. Both scenarios easily reduce the amount of trees to be cut down.

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