Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Choosing Your Doors

Entering any structure requires passing through a doorway, but sometimes, even the doors themselves must have a little thought put into them. They can be as visually pleasing as your windows and depending on the purpose of the room, contractors in Long Island, NY would have to consider different factors.
First, you’ll have to look at the style of the door. There are many doors made of composite wood fiber materials or even fiberglass.
Second, you’ll need to consider the purpose of the room the door is supposed to go with. For example, a kitchen door will be different from a bedroom door; you’ll want to keep the smell of cooking from spreading through the entire house, especially if it’s pungent or too strong. Additionally, you’ll want kitchen doors that are highly rated against fire.
Third, you need to determine the materials that make up the door and decide whether it is solid or hollow core. Though impressive, solid panel doors can have a high price tag if they’re solid timber. Hollow core doors are more affordable but they tend to be flat and lacking in design.
Finally, think about the door frames and hinges. Proper framing accents a door’s beauty and ensures that it’s in top condition. Moreover, the hinges will determine whether the door will be a right or left-hand door. It would be ideal, though, if the door always swings inwards to the room and not outwards to the hallway.

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