Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quartz Kitchen Countertops: An Efficient Upgrade

When upgrading kitchens, quartz countertops among other building materials are becoming quite popular. Here are a few reasons why quartz is rising up as a top contender:

Cost – If you think that quartz will be expensive just because it sounds fancy, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Quartz is typically less expensive than materials like exotic granite, and the average price tag is roughly identical to that of mid-tier granite.

Durability – Quartz engineered variants are almost virtually indestructible, making them highly resistant to natural wear and tear. Quartz countertops can hold their own against heavy-duty cooking, and are also pet and child-proof. Its strength is practically greater than that of granite or marble, while also coming at a more reasonable price tag.

Appearance – If you value aesthetics highly, quartz countertops will not fail you. Unlike other stone slabs, quartz can be crafted with a controlled appearance: that is, the way quartz looks is due to the manufacturer following a client’s exact visual specifications. This characteristic offers great design flexibility, meaning that quartz can be made to adapt to almost any existing design motif.

Hygiene – Kitchens are among the busiest (and grimiest) places in the home. Quartz countertops can help with that due to its non-porous surface, which is highly resistant to staining, corrosion, or soaking up unsanitary substances. Non-porous means that it doesn’t absorb substances through microscopic holes. Several manufacturers also specifically intend their quartz products to be resistant to bacterial growth.

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