Saturday, February 28, 2015

Top Designs for Kitchen Cabinets in Long Island

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, now’s the best time to update your old cabinets. There are literally many ways you can go for the design without sacrificing the main function of storing your valuable kitchen items. Here are some of the top designs for kitchen cabinets in Long Island:

1.       Vintage With a Modern Twist

Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean old and rustic. By today’s standards, vintage is still a hot commodity due to its classic and simple look. Start with a simple beaded molding for your cabinets then put a twist to its design by incorporating modern elements like glass knobs and visible door latches. 

2.       Traditional 

Traditional is still one of the safest bets for a kitchen cabinet redesign. Like the vintage design, it offers the simplicity but is far superior when it comes to elegance. Go all out by adding some intricate patterns on the otherwise minimalistic design.

3.      Modern and Updated

Modern kitchens are very fond of a minimalistic design and using glinting metals in their designs. Go for a contemporary kitchen cabinet design that features glass-front cabinets to show off your cutlery and glassware. 

4.      Country Style

For a cozy kitchen, choose antique style custom-built cabinets to perfect your country style kitchen. Not only are they very appealing, they are also inviting. You can even paint them in mild colors to give your kitchen more personality.

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