Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stair Safety Tips for Better Home

Every year, numerous falls and slip-up accidents occur on stairs in homes across the country. These usually happen when people lose their balance or trip while rushing through the stairs. To prevent these accidents, here are some safety measures to follow.

Install Lighting

The light in the nearest living space may not provide enough illumination on the stairs. The stairwell should have its own lighting, with a switch located just near it. Good lighting is necessary particularly if you have family members with failing vision.

Add a Handrail

Some old houses have stairs with nothing to support its users but blank walls. For safety, stairs should be equipped with handrails that are easy to grasp and are non-slip. The height should allow users to grasp it comfortably with the elbow slightly bent. Check their stability from time to time.

Attach Coverings Firmly

Loose coverings are very dangerous. Refrain from placing rugs above the stairs. If you’re using a carpet, ensure that they’re securely in place. Select designs that do not hide the edge of the steps. You may also consider using a rubber stair treading with visibility strips as an alternative.

Check Structural Integrity

If your stairs have uneven steps, protruding nails and cracks, or emit a squeaky sound, they could be deteriorating from the inside due to age or termites (if wooden). If you find it in a condition beyond repair, consider replacing them with the help of Long Island contractors, who use high-quality materials.

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