Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Choosing the Right Interior Door for Your House

The doors inside your home are just as important as the doors outside it. You may think getting a hollow-core door should be enough, as it is expensive and fulfills its purpose well, but there’s something to be said about durability. That’s why you should consider solid core doors; aside from lasting a lifetime, they can also grant a home a warm and genuine appearance. Homeowners who want their houses to project this kind of atmosphere should consult a reliable Long Island building supply company such as Contractor Express to help them make it possible.

There are several types of solid core doors that homeowners can choose to outfit their homes with. Doors with particle cores have pressed wood fibers in their center, while those with stave lumber cores are composed of small wooden blocks.

There are also doors that sport mineral-based cores that use materials such as gypsum in order to create a fire-resistant access. Products such as JELD-WEN Molded Wood Composite Doors use such cores within them in order to create a door that can control sound within spaces and has impressive durability. Contractors and builders that want to use such doors for their projects will need to turn to a Long Island building supply company with a comprehensive product catalog.

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