Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Contractors

Today's modern kitchens usually feature stainless steel appliances, all-white interiors, and plain black, brown, or white cabinets. Simple, bright and airy—these are the main goals of modern kitchen design. Although these rooms do have aesthetic appeal, they can seem a bit dull. Oftentimes, an eye-catching cabinet color and design is all that's needed to liven up the kitchen a bit.

Fresh lighting choices, playing with pastel colors, and mixing up cabinet finishes, are a few of the many kitchen cabinet remodeling possibilities a homeowner can opt for. Check out the different ideas below and see what grabs your attention. Perhaps one of these might pique the interest of the next homeowner who needs your services.

Cabinets with unusual shapes and colors

A unique cabinet shape and color is a great way to add pizzazz to a culinary space. For example, a cobalt curved-edge cabinet might look interestingly elegant in multiple applications.

Open shelves

Sometimes, the best cabinet look is the “no cabinet” approach. If the homeowner has a collection of artful dishes, open shelves will provide them the perfect opportunity to proudly display their exotic wares.

Cabinet door upholstery

Fabric on cabinet doors can easily add a bit of texture and dimension to a kitchen. Try covering the outer part of cabinet doors with the upholstery material chosen by the homeowner. For a unified theme, you can match the cabinet door upholstery to that of the kitchen chairs. 

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