Friday, September 19, 2014

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Consider These Styles

For those with a knack for creativity, a kitchen remodel presents a wonderful opportunity to try their hands in designing. Whether homeowners want a contemporary or a traditional look, they can create their dream kitchen by identifying different elements and blending them seamlessly with each other. Of course, everything has to start with a unifying theme.
A modern kitchen is characterized by a minimalist design. As such, its elements emphasize symmetry and clean geometric lines, while keeping decorative ornaments as few as possible. Homeowners who wish to go with this design must consider using materials like stainless steel, frosted glass, and subtly grained wood like maple.
Those who want a natural look for their kitchens should consider a rustic kitchen design. As the name implies, a rustic aesthetic uses a variety of wood types, especially warm, rich ones like alder and hickory. This design also emphasizes the use of red, green, and yellow for color, which could require huge amounts of lacquer or varnishes.
Combining these two styles results in a transitional kitchen, which is something that creative people might prefer. Homeowners are free to experiment with this design, as they get to pick which kitchen elements would have the modern or the traditional look.

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