Friday, September 12, 2014

Ceiling Design: The Finish a Room Needs

Rooms can only be totally stunning if it looks beautiful and streamlined from top to bottom. If you’re planning a remodel, you have to envision the whole room’s transformation and make sure that every corner or surface doesn’t get left behind.

 The ceiling is probably one the most neglected parts when doing room renovations. Some may argue that it’s not the first thing people notice, anyway. However, the ceiling can tie the room together, and, in some cases, give it a remarkable character.

High or sloping ceilings with simplistic designs can make a room appear more spacious. Together with natural lighting and lighting fixtures or accessories, a solid, lightly painted ceiling brightens up a room and creates the illusion of space. Drop lighting, recessed lighting, or skylights can be installed to break the monotony or dullness of a plain ceiling.

Conversely, boldly patterned or dark-colored ceilings can make an awkwardly big room snugger and cozier. Interesting architectural details like intricately carved moulding in classic shades, or dramatic vaulted ceilings can create a more opulent ambiance. These ceilings can complement either a minimalist interior or a totally ornate space.

Think of the room you’re renovating as the cake, and the ceiling as the icing. Find reliable contractors who can creatively and professionally transform your ceiling, so you can top off a room remodel with something truly special.

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