Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Creating a Great Room for Your Client

What is a Great Room? Many of the popular homes in Long Island feature a living/kitchen/dining room that has a great room concept. The coastal lifestyle is one that is perfect for entertaining, and great rooms are ideal for homeowners who like to have guests over a lot. 

Good Space Division

While people who have a great room want the open space, having some transition from one part of the room to the other is ideal. Cedar beams are a great choice to suggest to homeowners who want something less drastic than a dividing wall.

European Designs Make a Difference

Italy and France help provide a lot of inspiration for great rooms, with their kitchens that are designed for socializing. Encouraging your client to center everything on a long table is a good way to make this concept work well for entertaining.

Attractive Countertops Liven Things Up

Breakfast bars that divide the living and dining areas provide a nice transition between living and eating areas. Marble or reclaimed stone material countertops, along with built-in wine racks, help add a classy Old World feel that goes with this concept.

Storage Niches Can Also Add Character

The living area of a great room that has a fireplace benefits from the look of storage niches. Shelving materials and paint help make these a worthy addition to the living area.

Niches Work Well in Cooking Areas, Too

You can also add alcoves to a cooking area using similar material to what you would use in living area shelving. Surprise your client by adding a ledge above the stove for additional space.

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