Monday, March 16, 2015

Installing Cellular PVC Trims are Worth the Price

If you’re planning to trim your home’s exterior, cellular PVC is a good choice. Cellular PVC (polyvinyl chloride) trim is a close relative of white plastic plumbing pipes. You know how durable these white pipes are, so you can imagine how strong and long-lasting trimboards practically made of the same material can be. That’s not even mentioning that these boards can closely mimic the look and feel of real wood. If you’ve constantly been having problems with your current boards, such as rotting, decay, or premature failure, replace them with cellular PVC trim and expect those issues to disappear completely.

Cellular PVC trims are quick and easy to install, resulting in significant time and money savings. Appearance-wise, they don’t dent nor rot. Other options may be cheaper, but when you factor in installation time and durability, PVC trims will pay for themselves in no time at all. For many builders, cellular PVC trims have rendered all other trim options obsolete. Couple that with the strong warranty that trimboard manufacturers like VERSATEX offers, and you’ve got a great product that will leave you lasting peace of mind and comfort.

When selecting the type of cellular PVC trim to use, you need to factor in the thickness and finish of the panels. With thicker panels, you get more durability, but you’ll also have to shell out more dollars. Regarding a trim’s finish, VERSATEX trims offer Timber Ridge panels for a natural wood look, or smooth grain panels for a clean and sleek look.

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